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Panasonic HIT

Power, reliability and quality.

We deliver products to: Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Preferably at import prices.

Our price includes delivery to the desired address. (Not to the Islands). Panasonic HIT panels are delivered in batches of at least 48 pieces..

Panasonic HIT solar panels give the best power / Wp


The most efficient photovoltaic systems

state-of-the-art technology. Solar PV overload controls for SMA Home Manager 2.0.

Pansonic, SMA, EDIMAX, MSP, Orima, Schletter...

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Our products are all the best.

My-Solar VAT: 

Piispanpiha 7 02200 Espoo Finland.

Phone. 358-20-7305366

We belong to: Reliable Partner and Subscriber Liability Systems, (FINLAND). Ordering is safe.

 We know what is best

We have over 20 years of experience in photovoltaics.

We have installed and designed a large number of photovoltaic systems, researched their operation and products. That's why we know which products can withstand the harshest conditions.

Panasonic Solar Finland

Deliveries to destinations. DB-Schenker

All products at once

The products should be ordered from all of us, they come with the same delivery.

My-Solar Oy (FI26970523)

A safe and high-quality Finnish company.

Piispanpiha 7. 02200 Espoo Finland


We supply the PV-over load controls we manufacture around the world.